Moose and deer antlers + souvenirs

We are a Dutch family business in Våthult, in the south-west of Sweden. We provide our customers with Swedish products of nature, mostly moose and deer antlers, but even some original moose, roe deer and other souvenirs from the forests around us.

The majority of our customers visit and order their products through contacting us via email or telephone, others visit our fysical showroom in Våthult (close to Gislaved). Please tell us if you want to visit us. We speak English, Swedish, Dutch and German.


We have also reindeer fur in different sices and colours! Click on the photo for more information!

Name:                    Moosehead (RESERVERAD)
Points:                    6
Measurements: L 95 x H 80 x D 80 cm
Characteristics: the fur is not in the best condition

Price:                       1.950 SEK / 195 Euro   

We don't ship this moosehead, only pickup!

Name:                    Roe deer head 1

Measurements: L 66 x D 38 cm

Price:                       1.900 SEK / 190 Euro   

Name:                    Roe deer head 2

Measurements: L 53 x D 33 cm

Price:                       1.500 SEK / 150 Euro   

Gladebo Outdoor has taken over Dutchmoose at the end of 2020.
For more information look at the website of  Gladebo Outdoor:

Opening hours:

wednesday: 13.00 - 16.30
friday           : 13.00 - 16.30
saturday     : 11.00 - 14.00

If you want to visit our shop in Våthult efter opening hours please contact us by phone, sms or email and we will find time for you. You can even order without visiting us. Please have a look at all products on this website or our other website:

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