Medium sized moose antlers

Each year the moose antler-cycle is the same. In spring time antlers start to grow and by September the growth has completed.

The moose drops its antlers in the winter somewhere between December and February.

On this page we show some of our medium sized moose antlers, bigger and wider than our small ones. 

Name:                   Angelo
Points:                  4
Spread:                 57 cm
Size of shield:   40 x 27 cm
Characteristic: shot October 15, 1991

Price:                     560 SEK / 55 Euro

Name:                   Klaus
Points:                  4
Spread:                 83 cm
Size of shield:   49 x 30 cm
Characteristic: exclusiv wooden shield in brown/yellow

Price:                      1.070 SEK / 105 Euro

Name:                   Sonny
Points:                  7
Spread:                 96 cm
Size of shield:   39 x 24 cm

Price:                     1.300 SEK / 130 Euro