Roe deer antlers

As for moose antlers the size of roe deer antlers is determined by age, condition and food. A male kid developes his first set of antlers in his first year.  His peak is usually at the age of seven. We have a wide collection of roe deer antlers. Some of them are on the photo's.

Contact us if you want to order a larger amount or if you have other requests. 

Name:                         B1
Length of antlers:  19 cm

Price:      210 SEK / 21 Euro

Name:                         C1
Length of antlers:  14 cm

Price:       150 SEK / 15 Euro

Name:                          C2
Length of antlers:  14 cm

Price      : 150 SEK / 15 Euro

Different kinds of roe deer antlers, without shields. Prices vary from 50 to 175 SEK (5 to 18 Euros). Contact us for more information.